Travel health

Our practice provides a comprehensive travel health service including advice and all travel vaccinations. It is important that you book a double appointment at least six weeks before travelling. Please bring your travel itinerary to your consultation and complete a “Pre travel consultation form”.

Travel health is very complex and encompasses advice on disease prevention such as Malaria and Dengue Fever, emergency medication for infections or traveller’s diarrhoea, letters listing current medications for air travel and destination based practical travel advice to ensure health and safety.

Patients over 50 years, and patients of younger age with a complex medical history, require an appointment for completion of travel insurance forms. When booking a consultation for travel health advice, please make a time when our practice nurse is also available.

  • Registered Yellow Fever distribution centre
  • WHO (World Health Organisation) up to date advice
  • Travel vaccines available on site
  • Preventative travel medication and medication lists.
  • Malaria maps

Download Pre-travel Consultation form »