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Swift Clinic Appointment for Repeat Prescription

Dear Patients,

Our fee for scripts and referrals without an appointment will be rising from the 1st May.

The cost for a repeat prescription where you have been reviewed in line with the guidelines for the medication will be $20.00

The cost for a Re-referral – for “on-going care” or “regular review” only will be $20.00.

If you would like your script/referral either faxed or posted the fee will be $25.00.

We will offer daily “Swift Clinic Appointment” – 5 minute appointments with rostered Doctors daily to give patients the opportunity to come in for their scripts and pay a lower fee.

The cost would be $30.00 Medicare rebate $16.95, out of pocket cost $13.05. We would like to encourage patients to come in for their prescriptions ensuring the best clinical care.

April 20th, 2015|Clinic News|

The Question of prostate screening

Written by: Dr Bensky


Ever since becoming a GP, the issue of prostate cancer screening has been an area of significant frustration for me. On the surface it does not seem so complicated – have a blood test (more about that later) and a rectal exam and we’re done. Unfortunately, until now, at least in my professional lifetime, there has not been agreement by the peak bodies in Australia regarding how to manage screening of the disease.

Here is a brief summary of their position statements.

– The Urological Society of Australia has supported routine screening of men over 55,
– the Cancer Council of australia have presented it as a conscience vote (ie discuss the pros and cons with your doctor/patient and them make your own mind up).
– The Royal Australian college of general practice have changed their guidelines in the last 2 years to essentially suggest that Gp’s should “respond to questions about prostate cancer (in other words don’t bring it up unless your patient does)

Fortunately for all of us, the Cancer Council of Australia, in collaboration with the other peak bodies is currently drafting a new set of guidelines that will act as a consensus statement […]

April 2nd, 2015|Clinic News|