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Glen Iris Medical Group welcomes new patients and is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality medical care. We have both male and female GPs, with special interests covering all areas of General Practice including; preventative health care, women’s health, men’s health, paediatrics, aged care, travel health, counselling, skin checks, minor procedures, chronic disease management and antenatal care.

Our doctors enthusiastically participate in continuing medical education by attending seminars, conferences and small group learning.

Glen Iris Medical Group is a fully accredited private billing practice and a registered Travelvax clinic.

Clinic News

‘Tis the season to be snotty? by Dr Min Teo

Autumn has arrived, and with it – I’m afraid – the barrage of mischievous little microbes to wreck havoc on our bodies! Most upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) are viral in origin, so antibiotics make no diddly squat of a difference. But the common cold is by...

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Flu Vaccine Program 2019

Every year, thousands of Australians are hospitalised with influenza. It is a major cause of illness in our community and was attributed to around 57 deaths last year. The 2018 flu season was very mild compared to previous years. There were just under 50,000...

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Common Tests in General Practice: Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a procedure performed to visually examine the bowel. It is performed using a long, thin plastic tube with a light and camera at one end. The tube is flexible, allowing the Doctor to examine the inside the large intestine (colon) from all angles. The...

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Dr Diana Rattray’s Retirement

It is with a great deal of love and respect, that we announce the retirement of Dr Diana Rattray at the end of May this year. Diana commenced working at Glen Iris Medical Group in January 1997, and has had the privilege of providing medical care to 3 generations of...

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8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health After 50

As we age, our susceptibility to a whole variety of medical conditions increases. Medical conditions that are more common in people aged over 50 include but are not limited to: Diabetes and insulin resistance Cancer (all kinds) Joint pain Depression and anxiety...

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My Health Record (MHR)

Definition 'A secure, legislated, patient-controlled, electronic summary of an individual's key health information, able to be accessed by authorised individuals and registered healthcare providers involved in a person's care anywhere in Australia at any time.' Some...

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